When we were younger and even to this day, we all find things that we love to do and have a passion for. Well, for the three of us it was and still is video games. Our early experiences started with the Atari 2600. Yes, the released in 1977 Atari 2600! As time went on so did our continued passion for gaming. Our next stop was into the world of Nintendo with the NES system. You know the system where you constantly had to push the tray up and down to try to get the game to work and if it didn’t you had to take the game out, blow out the game, rinse, and repeat until the game actually worked. Oh, the good old days. We could go on for days about all the other systems we enjoyed growing up.

Fast forward all of us a few years later and gaming for Larry and Tony slowed down a bit although still engaged in gaming but Joe’s passion for gaming became even greater as he became manager of at that time of one of the largest gaming retailers, GameStop. Working at GameStop kept Joe’s finger on the pulse of the gaming Industry as he interacted with other gamers. He was able to demo all the new games being released and over time grew an extensive personal gaming library. As time went on Joe discovered competitive multiplayer gaming and that was all she wrote. Joe still to this day engages on online tournaments and multiplayer games like Fortnite, Apex and the occasional COD Zombies or Arizona Sunshine with Larry and Tony.

We have all watched the industry evolve and as we have grown so has the industry. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences are becoming more and more mainstream whether through resident or commercial with the Playstation’s VR headset, Oculus (Meta) Quest 2 or any of the VIVE headsets. The VR industry is here and has unlimited potential. This is what drives the three of us. The level of experience goes well beyond gaming. It is about becoming fully immersed in an experience whether that is traveling to Italy to see the Coliseum, swimming with sharks, traveling to space, meeting with co-workers or just hanging out with friends in a social environment. Our passion has only grown stronger as we continue to grow in the industry the three of us started in so many years ago! Our goal is to pass this experience on to all of you and bring you into the amazing and limitless world of VR.


Ready to explore the world?


Core Values

Customer focus – We embrace the customer experience by treating every person with dignity and respect

Excellence – We strive for quality in everything we do

Teamwork – Fostering a friendly positive team environment with open communication

Innovation - We encourage thoughtful, creative and inspirational ideas

Our Mission

The mission of VR Galaxy is to be stewards of the community and provide audiences of all ages a fully immersive virtual reality experience through sight and sound. This will be accomplished though leading-edge technology full of immersive high-quality content and working with not only the general public but local businesses and organizations within our community.

Our Vision

The vision of VR Galaxy is to provide a fully immersive virtual reality experience to everyone in our community.


Community Reinvestment

VR Galaxy is committed to giving back to the community in which we serve. As we move forward in our endeavors we will work to create a community program that will allow our industry to reach far beyond the realm of basic virtual reality. We want to utilize the power of VR to help with mental and physical health, education, training and more.

Value - Every person has value and worth. We embrace this through the customer experience and by treating every person in a professional manner

Innovation - We encourage thoughtful, creative and inspirational ideas that will help us continue to grow within our organization and our industry

Respect - Every person should be treated with dignity and respect

Teamwork - We will foster a positive culture and team environment with open communication

Unity - To use all available resources efficiently and effectively in order to further VR Galaxy’s mission to service the community

Accountability - everyone is responsible for his or her words, their actions, and their results.

Leadership - To use all available resources efficiently and effectively in order to further VR Galaxy’s mission to service the community